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Gusty: blow a cloud

Breath control makes for a calming game
Works on iPod Touch 4G but awkward to see the screen while blowing
Cheesy music, cutesy cloud
Imagine playing this on the bus
Great to break the ice with a cute stranger.

3 out of 5 stars


Kindle manybooks consumption

Kindle 3G webkit browser works with manybooks.net!

Go, find, download and read.

Necessity is the mother of invention.


Barefoot minimalist revolution? Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport

Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport 2010

Barefoot feel with Keep Stuff Out membrane.

Think of it as cross between KSO and Trek models.

Size luckily runs tight as a 9.75 inch foot can fit in these size 40s

The sole is a bit beefer than the Classic model but feet can still feel the ground.

Conde Nast The New Yorker iPad edition

How piss off print subscribers:

same content, extra charge

$4.99USD only on the iPad


Courier lives on the iPad

Can your netbook do that?

I thought I have seen it all.

sling Note is what makes the iPad computing experience so unique and magical.

Lassoing web clippings and dragging them over to a basket or notepad really works and is so intuitive!

The free hand ink tool could use a bit more smoothing and undo and redo would be enhancements, but I have to give a 5 star because the idea and implementation is so brilliant.

Just buy it before this hits the top ten and gets popular in price.

Mobile Buster really has something here. Just check out the video.


Helsing's fire: burn off evillys

Vampire Puzzler uses torches to cleanse the beasties.

Cognitive skill: seeing spatial relationships


TWMobile: TiddlyWiki on iOS...works!

TWMobile truly saves tiddlers on iOS.
I tried the default from TiddlyWiki.com and also the Basics QuickStart package from Eric Schulman's TiddlyTools.com and TWMobile saved changes on both.
Truly a remarkable first as the world of TiddlyWiki and TiddlyWeb is such a rich and magical universe now brought to mobile.


Underscore Notify: sleeper gem of a an-notater

Underscore Notify is a note taking and annotating application for iOS devices.
It kicks app a**

Sleeper gem.
This came out of the blue. I've tried many notes apps, but none as fluid in UI and full featured. Underscore Notify looks like the devs made the app for themselves to use regularly.
Pages are infinite. Read that again. Zooms are preset and pinch variable. Objects are movable: scribbles, shapes, text, web pages.
Truly a virtual canvas.
PDF, Dropbox, wow. I'm repeating- heck, I could not believe the audacity of the feature list, but indeed it is supported!
The interface is quirky but intuitive; no tapping around to get basic functionality, unApple like in a good way.
The help is extensive but only needed to flesh out detail.
I haven't had time to check performance with many notebooks, but so far on basic use, this is beyond 5 star.
Save yourself lots of beta testing and money trying others.
Slightly miffed as now I'll have to delete apps I bought that Underscore Notify replaces. Live and learn.
Also it's a Universal Binary!


Written Note using Note Taker

The attached note was written using Dan Bricklin's Note Taker App on
my handheld.


Soundpaper Updated: gives iPad LiveScribe pen functions!

Soundpaper was updated to support drawing.

Why is this incredible?
There are quite a few drawing and sketch apps, but
Sound paper has done a really excellent job of mirroring the functionality of a LiveScribe Pulse pen by allowing the drawing to be synced to audio.

You can tap the drawing and the audio starts playing near that position.

Tapping a pencil icon at the upper right corner switches to drawing mode and you can begin drawing right in the middle of your text.

Drawing dramatically increases SoundPaper functionality.

The interface is quite minimal but done very cleanly in that a double tap will select a single stroke and a single tap will select a stroke and its adjacent neighbors.
You can make a single strikethrough stroke and select it with a single tap to delete multiple strokes, but the ability to group strokes to move them around would help.

Also I would still like a date time stamp insert option though or TextExpander support.

All in all however right now Soundpaper is the one to beat.


Skype on 3G: yep it works

Haven't tried to a landline, but Skype works with toll free numbers. Call quality is average, but usable.
A few Skype credits and the iPad is a phone!
$14.99 is looking worth it.


TaskPaper now universal with iPad

Hey ol HogBay software brings us a treat with the ever clean TaskPaper, a todo/project/gtd app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad.

It's the same great feel of the original only bigger, taking full advantage of the real estate.

So if you're jonesing for a clean nice implementation of getting tasks done that uses plain ol text and syncs to the simple sync cloud and haven't fallen for ToDo, then check out TaskPaper.


TonidoPlug shows just how crippled iPad is

What's wrong with this picture?

Here the great TonidoPlug, a small plug computer with embedded Ubuntu Linux serves as a personal cloud, but not for the iPad.

Files created on the iPad can't be emailed or uploaded to the TonidoPlug because the iPad lacks an exposed filesystem. Even downloading files is cumbersome. Luckily, GoodReader comes in handy. The Tonido folks at CodeLathe do mention OneDisk from the Readdle guy, to connect via WebDav, but I have yet to buy and test that.

Penultimate gets wrist protection

Penultimate, the digital ink notebook app gets a fine update with wrist protection.

You can now "write" freely with your palm on the surface of the iPad and your finger will still pouring out the "ink".

The protection even works when the palm/wrist is on already written ink.

I also tested with a Pogo stylus, but I still prefer the index finger because I still have to press too hard with the Pogo stylus to get any recognition.


A note made with Penultimate: good for something

Amidst all the note taking sticky note corkboard todo task org productivity GTD apps,
there's something to be said for the zen of digital ink even if the constraint is granularity.


Infinote Review: fast speedy sticky notes

There is a great sale on Infinote and I think it is worth it for the two bucks.

Infinote features a wide variety of emoticons to add tiny icons to the text. There is a wide range of colors and backgrounds that you can apply to your notes along with font choices and changing the color of the notebook itself.

The application itself is very responsive and quick zooming really feels like you're moving the little notes around.

Note creation is very quick with a double tap to the board as well as editing with a tap.

You don't actually pinch and zoom the notebook board, but rather you tap the magnifier icon to zoom out to a birds eye view. I purchased on this feature as a complement to the book by David Straker on Rapid Problem Solving with Post It Notes, but unfortunately, the birds eye view is a static picture and you cannot move notes In this view which seems counterintuitive.
Nevertheless, this is the same behavior as other notetaking sticky note applications that I have so maybe there's something in the APIs that prohibits programming this behavior. Infinote still stands as a great app despite the shortcoming.

There is no text search which I thought the magnifier icon was for, but hopefully that is being considered.

Customer service was excellent as I had an outlier crash where the application would not open, but the email response was quick and the developer explained the issue saying an update fix was forthcoming.

I like to support such developers.

All in all, I appreciate the speed and simplicity of infinote's functions and hope it won't get too bogged down by cosmetic features.


SwitchEasy Nude iPad case: great fit on 3G

Dunked $33 for http://www.switcheasy.com/products/NUDE_iPad/NUDE_iPad.php

The SwitchEasy Nude hard case finally came in after quick 3 day priority shipping.

It came with everything one would need in a great price.
The 1mm thin hard lexan plastic back
Screen protector film with microfiber cloth for pre cleaning.
A couple of cheap stands in media view 80 degree positions.
And some port plugs and other oddments

I first applied the screen protector to pretty much my satisfaction, but unfortunately, the little monkey brain got the best of me and I had to redo it.

Instead of getting a second run that's a little bit better than the first, I stupidly dabbed the adhesive side of the screen protector with the microfiber cloth and got more lint onto the screen. I took my losses and pressed on the screen protector for the final application. Lint! The bane of clean rooms everywhere. Next time I'll go to a dust free lab with a proper air manifold, grrr.

So my advice to you is definitely when you have it on with a few bubbles it's just fine. Really, no do overs, just live with imperfection.

The fit on the 3G was tight and I did not see any imperfections or burrs with the case. More importantly, the Camera Connector SD version had no trouble accessing the iPad port with the Nude on.

I would indeed recommend the SwitchEasy Nude case if you want decent all-around bump and scratch protection both for the front and back of your iPad. It doesn't afford that typing position that I would like with the Apple iPad case, but other than that it's a great case at a great price.

Next up, Apple iPad case...

Yep, the retail stores finally got the Chinese junk load in


First look: ableNote, just the ticket for killer feature in app clipping multitasking note taking

If you're looking for an iPad app that allows you to paste web clippings and maps, look no further. A bunch of unix geeks from Tapworx, have debuted a winner in ableNote.

AbleNote is a new iPad app that has in app browsing features allowing for multi-tasking note taking.

Frustrated by having to exit an app to search the web then screenshot your result into a note taking app, ableNote has brought out this killer feature, now.

What's cool:
Tagging on the side
Can make clippings from in app browser, then open to url.
Map clippings and open to map
Free hand drawing
Can copy clippings and paste between notes
Text object resizing

One page per note
Note is set to one size, limited zooming unlike big canvas apps, Corkulous or iThoughts.
Freehand drawing has no erase, you just accept or reject; though you can resize for increased line opacity.
Must reset default opacity and color of freehand tool on every new note otherwise it starts with a yellow highlight.

Oatmeal supports the iPad


Calendar: You can sync your Google calendar with iPad

CalDav Sync iPad Calendar To Google Calendar


The short of it:

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add account

Select Other then add a CalDav account


It's just a big iPod Touch, thank goodness

I don't have good metrics, but if i venture to guess, I'd say that the ipad has overtaken browsing habits over the laptop and handheld.
Lots of criticism I've read about iPad come from cursory (at store) or no actual use of the device.
"doesn't even have a full OS"
"it's just a big iPod Touch"
Try this:
Take your screen, desktop monitor or laptop
Put it on your lap
Make it wake from sleep
Turn on wifi
How long did that take?
The iPad does this in less than 10 seconds with multitouch deft.
Instant on, the web that is.


No alarms on the iPad without a running app, bugs me

The iPad can pay your energy bill over secure socket layer, but still can't wake up an alarm from sleep!

Apps like NightStand and Alarm Clock Pro only work if the app is running.

Scenario: partner is asleep, alarm is set. You play around with the iPad and the alarm app fails to notify because it is not running. Nice.

Even the iPod touch can do that.


FastFinga on iPad more functional than Penultimate

Zoom! In and out, is the killer feature.

Overlay a drawing amidst digital ink text.

Date time stamps!

Tagging for search and folders for organization

Emoji and pen colors

Background themes

Damn, I should have learned, beauty is skin deep.

FastFinga had depth and beauty.


Penultimate: 3 bucks = 3 stars

Penultimate is very pretty, but function wise is spartan.

Simple is good, but a few enhancements could help this front runner from future competition.

- Undo is finicky and sometimes you can make a stroke in a session that you cannot undo.
- landscape is not a friend, the page gets cut off; Penultimate scribbling is mainly done in portrait mode.
- one review mentioned issues with many pages PDF export, but I have yet to confirm.

As a user of PhatNotes, FastFinga and Tanzaku Pad, all very functional in 2x mode, Penultimate has the early mindshare lead.

That TUAW review, helped, but that early adopter price should stick around to fend of any competition for a while.

I think it is worth it for the quick todo list or scribble.

Adding a typewriter text tool may detract from the paper and pen feel, but a way to tag pages so as to find previous scribbles would enhance the digital ink beyond a paper moleskine notebook.

iPad camera connector: good to have if you have a camera

Photographer's friend, the iPad Camera Connector is spot on.

Was able to connect with the USB cable from the Canon and import and delete photos from the SD card into the iPad.

Haven't tried the SD card connector, yet, but worth it if your camera is not supported or you lost the USB cable.

Verdict: buy it, saves a bit of the no camera on your first generation iPad.

10W iPad power adaptor: dynamic charging fun

iPad essential alert:

Just picked up the 10W iPad power adaptor, as can be read it covers charging multiple devices along with the iPad.

Since my Griffith charger died, dead, RIP after 2 years, this Apple branded $30 essential has come in handy.

You also get a thick power extension cord just the MacBook charger that is way more convenient than the short USB cable that comes with the iPad.

Increasing the carbon footprint, one device at a time.

Would be great if paired to a solar or human powered generator.


iBooks needs O'Reilly Media as a library

Stanza from Amazon is not iPad optimized, but passable.

I'm importing all O'Reilly books into iTunes and what a gorgeous result.

iBookstore beats Sony Reader Ebooks store with better metadata and UI

iPad needs Pixel Qi.

Instapaper Pro Rulez

Marcos did the nice Universal and it is so worth it!

Tilt scroll is a little too fast with the iPad accelerometers.

Reading is dizzy.

iPad 3G First Impressions

Love it, post 5 hr honeymoon

Old Apps based on text work fine
- PhatNotes has a bigger area to write
- Bejeweled hasn't lost its charm
- iMandalart needs more little boxes
Speed is incredible.
- Pages load fast
- Everything is crisp

- No alarm clock like wake from sleep but the calendar will alert

AppleCare soon...
- I need a Defender Otternbox hard case; I can see this getting nicked.

First Apps
- Bought Pinball HD, since gameprom has been good with the discounts.
- GoodReader, Corkulous, ArtStudio, Penultimate, Soundpaper

Battery life so far is superb.

Size could be halved and still be golden. 2011 we'll see!

AT&T 3G signup was painless and extra fee free :-)

The spouse loves it.

Security sucks and iPad / iPhone OS will be the new target.
- ok I get it Steve; the sandbox is important.

Overall, You buy the full tablet experience and that is the value add from Apple.

NotionInk Adam and HP Palm WebOS, I await your move.

Microsoft Courier, RIP

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