SwitchEasy Nude iPad case: great fit on 3G

Dunked $33 for http://www.switcheasy.com/products/NUDE_iPad/NUDE_iPad.php

The SwitchEasy Nude hard case finally came in after quick 3 day priority shipping.

It came with everything one would need in a great price.
The 1mm thin hard lexan plastic back
Screen protector film with microfiber cloth for pre cleaning.
A couple of cheap stands in media view 80 degree positions.
And some port plugs and other oddments

I first applied the screen protector to pretty much my satisfaction, but unfortunately, the little monkey brain got the best of me and I had to redo it.

Instead of getting a second run that's a little bit better than the first, I stupidly dabbed the adhesive side of the screen protector with the microfiber cloth and got more lint onto the screen. I took my losses and pressed on the screen protector for the final application. Lint! The bane of clean rooms everywhere. Next time I'll go to a dust free lab with a proper air manifold, grrr.

So my advice to you is definitely when you have it on with a few bubbles it's just fine. Really, no do overs, just live with imperfection.

The fit on the 3G was tight and I did not see any imperfections or burrs with the case. More importantly, the Camera Connector SD version had no trouble accessing the iPad port with the Nude on.

I would indeed recommend the SwitchEasy Nude case if you want decent all-around bump and scratch protection both for the front and back of your iPad. It doesn't afford that typing position that I would like with the Apple iPad case, but other than that it's a great case at a great price.

Next up, Apple iPad case...

Yep, the retail stores finally got the Chinese junk load in

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