Underscore Notify: sleeper gem of a an-notater

Underscore Notify is a note taking and annotating application for iOS devices.
It kicks app a**

Sleeper gem.
This came out of the blue. I've tried many notes apps, but none as fluid in UI and full featured. Underscore Notify looks like the devs made the app for themselves to use regularly.
Pages are infinite. Read that again. Zooms are preset and pinch variable. Objects are movable: scribbles, shapes, text, web pages.
Truly a virtual canvas.
PDF, Dropbox, wow. I'm repeating- heck, I could not believe the audacity of the feature list, but indeed it is supported!
The interface is quirky but intuitive; no tapping around to get basic functionality, unApple like in a good way.
The help is extensive but only needed to flesh out detail.
I haven't had time to check performance with many notebooks, but so far on basic use, this is beyond 5 star.
Save yourself lots of beta testing and money trying others.
Slightly miffed as now I'll have to delete apps I bought that Underscore Notify replaces. Live and learn.
Also it's a Universal Binary!

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