Kraut - sweet magical match puzzle

Kraut is a unique sweet magical well crafted polished pattern matching game.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Controls: touch
Sound: excellent
Graphics: photo realistic
Playability: pick up casual to deep campaigns
Audience: all ages
Developer: Monsterkodi
Brain training: pattern recognition, creativity
Paid: $1.99

A floral theme pervades the game as you manipulate a set of flowers in matches of 4 or more.
Unlike other matching games like Bejeweled, where individual elements are moved on a grid, Kraut turns that concept around.
Instead you make your own grid of matches by putting triads of flowers together.

Like another game, Smiles, there is a jump area where the triad is available to rotate in for play. The triads can be rotated along the middle flower axis.
The help is extensive and some of the best tutorials I've seen for a match puzzle game - definitely great for kids and grandparents.

The flowers are photo realistically gorgeous and there are many types to choose from, further customizing play.

The floral theme continues with insect power-ups or helper units. They add more variety and depth to the game play and are generated by pollen points from matches.
The integration of incredible sound effects from the startup screen, menus and the game play is superb.
There are race the clock arcade and campaign challenge modes along with awards. High score signatures are hand drawn by the player.

Kraut is great for casual pick up and play with a family friendly theme, but has durability and depth with campaign and awards. The unique twist of building your own grid of matches paired with pattern recognition exercises creativity makes this game well worth the value and play.

The level of polish and detail from the slow movie motion of flowers in the menu backgrounds to the righty/lefty considerations really shows the care from the developers and should be rewarded.

If you are looking for a special game in the sea of matching games, Kraut is highly recommended to bring out that inner child and make you happy!

We love this game.

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