First look: ableNote, just the ticket for killer feature in app clipping multitasking note taking

If you're looking for an iPad app that allows you to paste web clippings and maps, look no further. A bunch of unix geeks from Tapworx, have debuted a winner in ableNote.

AbleNote is a new iPad app that has in app browsing features allowing for multi-tasking note taking.

Frustrated by having to exit an app to search the web then screenshot your result into a note taking app, ableNote has brought out this killer feature, now.

What's cool:
Tagging on the side
Can make clippings from in app browser, then open to url.
Map clippings and open to map
Free hand drawing
Can copy clippings and paste between notes
Text object resizing

One page per note
Note is set to one size, limited zooming unlike big canvas apps, Corkulous or iThoughts.
Freehand drawing has no erase, you just accept or reject; though you can resize for increased line opacity.
Must reset default opacity and color of freehand tool on every new note otherwise it starts with a yellow highlight.

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