Headspace is at v1.5!

Whoa man Headspace, that whacked out mind mapping app from Flat Black
Films is out at version 1.5 with Unicode support, big files stuff and
bug fixes. The steady progression of updates is promising. I'm still
loving that flying global search. Hee haw.


I can read! Amazon Kindle v1.1

My Amazon reader app for the iPhone just got updated to 1.1 with
noticeable improvement. Added features are color, landscape support,
orientation lock, font sizes, and bookmarks making for a overall great
reading experience.


WritePad Notes is a text editor app that uses natural gestures like you would

WritePad Notes is a text editor app that uses natural gestures like
you would write on paper. Cut and paste are supported and more
surprisingly between notes.

The recognition engine makes writing more enjoyable over typing. With
the addition of the landscape keyboard for a secondary method of
entry, WritePad is superior to other apps that only have one method of

Although there is more editing involved as, punctuation can be an
issue if not written beforehand and I find myself editing afterwards.

Limited search to just titles seems like cripple ware as there is no
full text search, which is still true as of version 1.8. Perhaps they
are saving that for PhatNotes.

Diskaid is a desktop program that was used in prior versions to backup
notes to the desktop. Now there is a formal desktop application to
backup notes, dictionaries, and other files which works over Wifi.

They listened to users and added a date stamp insertion feature along
with an innovative shortcut feature. It works by writing a word then
circling it which pastes the longer text or does a edit like cut or
paste. Wonderfully, users can add their own shortcuts on the fly using
WritePad's text entry method. All in all, WritePad breaks new ground
for text entry; it truly feels like having a digital Moleskine.

WritePad is enjoyable to write with, but the missing feature is still
global search across all notes. At the current sale of $2.99, WritePad
is a great bargain.
May 17, 2009 10:14 AM

-- This message was composed with PhatWare WritePad Notes

WolframAlpha - Computing on the fly

Wolfram Alpha works on the iPhone and is surprisingly brisk. My middle
school algebra has been transformed.


ShapeWriterPro review

This post was composed by ShapeWriter Pro.

Good - the writing method is the closest thing to fast that I have
tried. The auto correction is pretty spot on along with the auto
Search works across all text.
Has security masking records feature to a single password.
Easy to add new words to the dictionary.
Bad - hard to perform letter case changes, email backup is a good
start. There is a game mode to help training shape writing.

Ugly - no date stamp, no WiFi data exchange server, poor user interface.

Conclusion - ShapeWriter is worth the $4.99 I spent just for the sheer
pleasure of writing fast and the great search capability. I miss the
date stamp and a more secure method to backup data than emailing the
whole record set.