Infinote Review: fast speedy sticky notes

There is a great sale on Infinote and I think it is worth it for the two bucks.

Infinote features a wide variety of emoticons to add tiny icons to the text. There is a wide range of colors and backgrounds that you can apply to your notes along with font choices and changing the color of the notebook itself.

The application itself is very responsive and quick zooming really feels like you're moving the little notes around.

Note creation is very quick with a double tap to the board as well as editing with a tap.

You don't actually pinch and zoom the notebook board, but rather you tap the magnifier icon to zoom out to a birds eye view. I purchased on this feature as a complement to the book by David Straker on Rapid Problem Solving with Post It Notes, but unfortunately, the birds eye view is a static picture and you cannot move notes In this view which seems counterintuitive.
Nevertheless, this is the same behavior as other notetaking sticky note applications that I have so maybe there's something in the APIs that prohibits programming this behavior. Infinote still stands as a great app despite the shortcoming.

There is no text search which I thought the magnifier icon was for, but hopefully that is being considered.

Customer service was excellent as I had an outlier crash where the application would not open, but the email response was quick and the developer explained the issue saying an update fix was forthcoming.

I like to support such developers.

All in all, I appreciate the speed and simplicity of infinote's functions and hope it won't get too bogged down by cosmetic features.

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