iPad 3G First Impressions

Love it, post 5 hr honeymoon

Old Apps based on text work fine
- PhatNotes has a bigger area to write
- Bejeweled hasn't lost its charm
- iMandalart needs more little boxes
Speed is incredible.
- Pages load fast
- Everything is crisp

- No alarm clock like wake from sleep but the calendar will alert

AppleCare soon...
- I need a Defender Otternbox hard case; I can see this getting nicked.

First Apps
- Bought Pinball HD, since gameprom has been good with the discounts.
- GoodReader, Corkulous, ArtStudio, Penultimate, Soundpaper

Battery life so far is superb.

Size could be halved and still be golden. 2011 we'll see!

AT&T 3G signup was painless and extra fee free :-)

The spouse loves it.

Security sucks and iPad / iPhone OS will be the new target.
- ok I get it Steve; the sandbox is important.

Overall, You buy the full tablet experience and that is the value add from Apple.

NotionInk Adam and HP Palm WebOS, I await your move.

Microsoft Courier, RIP

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