Get some good glass

So you want to protect your precious new device screen?

There are a lot of screen protectors in the market, but the one that worked out well is by company called Tech Armor. 

No bubbles, surprisingly easy installation.


Chrome tip: enable tap dragging in Accessibility

Hey are you tired of finger yoga with click dragging text in Chrome?

Now you can just enable it under Settings > Accessibility 


YubiKey + Fastmail on Android is yummy

From the I-cant-wait-for-yubikeyNeo-NFC dept:

2-factor authentication works with Fastmail 
and a USB connector to connect the YubiKey 
to the Android device

Configuration slot 1 has the default OTP
for Fastmail 2FA goodness

Slot 2, I configured for a static password 
which is prefixed by account context when 
I'm away from 1Password

The only drawback (and it is a biggie) is YubiKey is
considered a hardware keyboard and Android 
has no dual input support like desktops

And seriously who wants to plug in 
a USB dongle every time you want to authenticate ??!!

Hey Agilebit, support YubiKey!!!


More Mac mini ports

Powered USB hub for all your port needs
Connect those device that may drain power
Keyboards, trackpads, mice


The New iPad screen

Seriously it's like comparing black and white TV with color.

After the Retina Display there's no going back.

How money is your extra eyesight worth?


PhatPad goes version 1.4

Remember PhatPad?

Uh, ok well it gets an update to the latest handwriting recognition and the Convert to Text works well.


Daedalus Touch FAQ v1

2011-05-21 12:36:57 Sat

Q: Why is the app so crashy?
A: gestures on the first version

Q: How do I move a sheet to another stack?
A: Well, you can move a sheet within a stack but so far the metaphor is blown when you try moving a sheet out of the stack to another stack, you can't. Period.

You can copy and paste the text to a new sheet in the target stack. Oh.

Q: Why are the margins so fracking huge?
A: The developers like whitespace? So your fat fingers can execute the fine cursor movement? What? You're saying I'm fat?

Q: How do I insert hyperlinks? Turn on line numbering? Import TextMate bundles? Turn on syntax highlighting? Set minor mode? Insert unicode? Sync to WebDAV? Bring up Clippy? Where's the voice recorder?
A: Uhh...

A: Buy Daedalus Touch.
Q: Do you have 4 dollars to spare to enter text editor heaven?