Daedalus Touch FAQ v1

2011-05-21 12:36:57 Sat

Q: Why is the app so crashy?
A: gestures on the first version

Q: How do I move a sheet to another stack?
A: Well, you can move a sheet within a stack but so far the metaphor is blown when you try moving a sheet out of the stack to another stack, you can't. Period.

You can copy and paste the text to a new sheet in the target stack. Oh.

Q: Why are the margins so fracking huge?
A: The developers like whitespace? So your fat fingers can execute the fine cursor movement? What? You're saying I'm fat?

Q: How do I insert hyperlinks? Turn on line numbering? Import TextMate bundles? Turn on syntax highlighting? Set minor mode? Insert unicode? Sync to WebDAV? Bring up Clippy? Where's the voice recorder?
A: Uhh...

A: Buy Daedalus Touch.
Q: Do you have 4 dollars to spare to enter text editor heaven?

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