GoodReader is my PDF reader

Alright so you've got Stanza which O'Reilly brilliantly covers, but
what about reading your PDFs from Packt, Manning or Apress?

GoodReader is indeed a good reader of pdf files. Do yourself a favor and just buy it at the current sale.
I bought AirSharing at 5 smackers and tried Files lite as first gen readers but they lacked speed and navigational features.
GoodReader brings this and more. Zooming and free flow of movement through the document results in a better experience with maps. The toggle to snap on the vertical after zooming smaller pdf fonts is a well used feature. I have no trouble transferring documents through the WiFi. It's so great to finally read pdfs from computer publishers or other technical image or code heavy documents that gives my Kindle trouble. I've since transferred my pdfs from AirSharing to GoodReader. This is a great pdf reader a long time coming.

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