Zeptopad 3, your digital moleskine


Running Zeptopad 3 after an upgrade to iPhone OS 3 and Zeptopad 2!

They, UEI have done a lot to this new version making Zeptopad more
full featured and complex as a premier vector drawing app for the

The two biggest issues I had with previous versions have been
resolved. The drawing smoothness has greatly improved along with the
line gradient. I can now scribble decently.

Folders have been added and drag and drop is supported for worksheet
moves into folders. Holding onto a worksheet icon toggles the deletion
state making it far easier than a tiny swipe to invoke deletion. I
have not found a way to move a worksheet to a different folder,
though. There is no cut, copy or paste of worksheets that I could find.

There is a slideshow feature that allows you to preview worksheets,
but I'm not sure of the utility of toggling between the worksheets
with the three views: main, sub1, and sub2.

Another improvement is the addition and handling of basic shapes like
circles, box, text, connectors and lines. Each object can have
editable attributes like fill or outline color that is found on a sub
menu. You can color, pastel or gradient your way to artful creations.

Did I also mention that there still is peer to peer sharing, real time
viewing mirroring over the desktop, saving to pdf?

Unfortunately because we're dealing with digital ink, search is out of
the question. A helpful future feature request would be a text field
to tag worksheets so they can be sorted, filtered, or searched later.
At least the text can be searched.

Nevertheless, Zeptopad is finally becoming a great digital moleskine
sketch pad for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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