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Primrose by Jason Rohrer

Rating 5 out of 5 stars

$3 are you kidding me? I can buy X,Y, and Z for that price.

In this 99 cent climate with big name productions of terrific games, how can some simple looking, square grid matching game make it?

The game is out in public domain and you can even play for free! Free. The backdrop of a misunderstood game genius story is over the top too.

But, Primrose is deep, beautiful and brilliant. I'm stuck by that same meditative joy i felt as a kid playing with Merlin, the electronic wizard.

The polish of the design is zen.

Glowing, pulsing pieces, simple but deep game play, make Primrose feel like a classic. Simply enlightening.

This is well worth the time and money. Kudos to the developer and I look forward to his other work.

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