Headspace - 3D dreamy mind mapping

Headspace is a mindmapping app from animation and software company, Flat Black Films

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars; on sale for 99 cents while it lasts...

Reading the Big Lebowski intro, made me a bit hesitant at buying this new app thinking it might be from a fly-by-night no updates dev. But cred was established after checking out the screenshots at their main site and the price can't be beat!

You can add items or nodes that are grouped in a virtual headspace.

Headspaces are files akin to mindmaps.

Item nodes can have colors, links and can be stacked in groups.

The usual multitouch pinch -zoom, resize all applies here.

Flicking around with 1,2, or 3 fingers have different effects. You can rearrange items up and down the group hierarchy. Double tapping a group, pulls the camera view focus to that group.

Brings to the table mindmapping unlike any other app tot he iPhone, not your usual Freemind-central-node. Think PersonalBrain on your iPhone; well the closest thing to it.

There is a bit of a learning curve with all this power, but having the freedom to zoom in and out of groups of headbits is worth the price of admission.

Sucks: NO SEARCH, yes you heard that right, with a slew of headbits floating around in your headspace, don't even think of popping in a query. Like just scroll around, man.
NO EXPORT, yep, you and your emptied monkey brain guts are stuck in Headspace. There is not yet a way to get all those typed up nodes out to the desktop or web for backup. No email, webdav, saving to local dir for exchange via DiskAid.

Still Headspace is an awesome reach into the mindmapping appstore category that is often a re-tread of existing desktop ideas and for that 5 stars, baby.

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